One Day Brainstorming Session on Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling in India on
17th September 2022

Metal Recycling Authority (JNARDDC), Ministry of Mines, organized a “One day Brainstorming session on Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling” on 17th September 2022 at Courtyard by Marriott, Raipur (CG) with support from Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI) and All India Non Ferrous Metal Exim Association (ANMA) to bring all the stakeholders of NF Metal Recycling together on a common platform for meaningful interactions, exchange of ideas etc. This event is a part of the initiative to boost scrap recycling by spreading awareness of government’s agenda on Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy to make the non-ferrous metal industry sustainable and providing opportunity to the stakeholder industry to present their views.

The event observed distinguished deliberations from both the central & state government as well as representatives from non-ferrous metal recycling industry and industry associations. The event also witnessed participation of OEMs, equipment suppliers, service providers, students & faculty from National Institute of Technology Raipur.


  • Shri Ved Prakash Mishra, Director-Hazardous Substances Management Division, Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Control (MoEF&CC)
  • Shri P K Nimonkar, State Head Chhattisgarh Industrial and Technical Consultancy Centre (CITCON)
  • Ms Marieke Van der Mijn, Director of Impacts & Partnerships, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI)
  • Shri V K Rawat, Scientist-D, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • Shri Ravi Shankar, Consultant, Indian Iron and Steel Sector Skill Council (IISSSC)
  • Dr Kishore Raj Purohit, Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI)
  • Shri Brij Mohan Agarwal, Federation of All India Aluminium Utensil Manufacturers (FAIAUM)
  • Dr De Sarkar, International Copper Development Corporation (ICDC)
  • Shri Mayur Karmakar, International Copper Alliance (ICA)
  • Ms Divya Pandya, Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI)
  • Dr Sandeep Vakharia, Bombay Non-Ferrous Metal Association (BNMA)
  • Shri Rahul Sharma, International Zinc Association (IZA)

Zinc Primary Stakeholder's meeting organised on 22.04.2022

Discussed Points :

  • Discussion/review of comments on the draft document on "Zero Waste Management Policy in Primary Zinc Sector"
  • Quantities of waste generation
  • Responsibilities of waste producers
  • Appropriateness of utilisation options for wastes and any other utilisation option

Zinc Secondary Stakeholder's meeting organised on 13.06.2022

Discussed Points :

As per NITI Aayog's Circular Economy action Plan

  • Review of the draft Zero Waste Policy of Downstream & Recycling industry of Zinc ​
  • Quantities of waste generation
  • Products for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
  • Review of the draft "SOP and Compliance to Air Pollution Norms for Recovery of Zn from EAF Dust of Steel Industry"

As per National Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling Framework

  • Review of MRA’s Draft Standards & “Guidelines for Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling"
  • Products for enforcing minimum recycled content requirement (MRCR)

Aluminium Recycling Stakeholders Meet on 18th October 2021
Time: 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Non-Ferrous metal scrap recycling framework, 2020 was published by Ministry of Mines to promote, improve, support non-ferrous metal recycling activity specifically for aluminium, copper, lead and zinc and Metal Recycling Authority (currently JNARDDC is nominated by Ministry of Mines) will be the nodal agency for implementation/monitoring/ developing framework etc. Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling Framework intends to promote metal recycling in well organised and technically sound manner. As per the framework, various roles and responsibilities of scrap value chain viz. scrap dismantlers, processers, recyclers, original equipment manufacturers, and even public at large are envisaged and participation of stakeholders are very crucial for overall development of the recycling sector.

To listen to the industry, a stakeholders meet is planned, and deliberations from industry leaders will be organized to enlighten the perspectives of the framework and will help MRA to comprehend real/actual scenario of the recycling activities in the country and valid inputs from participants during these meetings will be considered while preparing comprehensive framework including standards and other documents. Involvement of active stakeholders right from documentation stage will help effective implementation of the framework. During stakeholders meet, it is expected to have deliberations on technical as well as non-technical contexts of metal recycling to help evolve a uniform framework for the nation.

Program schedule

  • 4:00 pm – Welcome address by Dr A Agnihotri, Director, JNARDDC
  • 4:10 pm – Brief presentation on framework, R N Chouhan, Head, Downstream
  • 4:20 pm - Address by Mr Mohan Agrawal, MRAI
  • Address by Mr Vikram Jhunjhunwala, ASMA,
  • Address by Mr Jayant Jain, ANMA,
  • Address by Mr Bharat Garg, FAIAUM
  • 5:40 pm – Address by Ms Adina Aadler, ISRI
  • 6:00 pm – Q&A/Discussions/Closing remarks

Distinguished Speakers