Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium research development and Design Centre, Nagpur is a "Centre of Excellence" set up in 1989 and fully functional since 1996. We are located in a sprawling campus just outside the orange city of Nagpur. Sylvan surroundings and a modern technical complex with state of art equipments provide just the right atmosphere for the scientist and staff of the Center to make creative contributions to the technological growth of the Indian Aluminium Industry.

 We have well-established facilities for the study of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium. Its principal preoccupation is with all aspects of Bayer process of alumina manufacture, electrolytic smelting of aluminum, downstream processing, product development and recycling of aluminum. We also offer variety of analytical and testing facilities to other non-ferrous industries, steel industries and small scale industries, mainly in the areas of chemical and mineralogical analysis, powder characterisation, thermal mapping, microstructural studies, mechanical and non-destructive testing, and technical information.


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Autonomous body under Ministry of Mines Govt. Of India


Updated on 07-04-2014